RV Storage Ideas to help you better organize yourselves this New Year before your adventures!

Happy New Years! Another year has gone…can you believe that?

Happy New Years! Another year has gone…can you believe that? Seems like the older we get, the faster time goes by. That is why taking the time to celebrate with loved ones is so important. What better way to celebrate the New Year than to get together with friends and family in your RVs! There are plenty of destinations that will provide you and your family with amazing memories and excitements. But before we jump right into the adventure, preparation and organization are just as important. By organizing ahead of time, you will allow more relaxation time while on the road. In this article, we’ll share a few simple RV storage ideas to help you efficiently pack and organize yourselves.

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Let’s begin with understanding your pantry space. Before you get started organizing your items, plan your shopping trip based on your meal planning. You should definitely stockpile your pantry with foods such as cereal, canned goods, and fun camping snacks. As you stockpile these goods, you should also invest in a wired basket to help secure and hold the goods in the pantry. The reason for this is to prevent the goods from shifting and moving all over the place when the RV is in motion or when it goes over bumps on the road. Depending on your pantry and the number of levels it has, you should definitely organize your goods from top to bottom based on the weight of each item. For example, the top of the pantry should contain small packaged snacks while the middle of the pantry should contain cereal and some canned food. Lastly, on the very bottom of the pantry, we recommend putting heavier items in this slot such as water bottles, bigger canned goods and any sort of items with some weight behind it.

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Next up are baskets, that’s right! Baskets! Now let’s get started. Baskets come in an array of sizes, colors, and materials that can be incorporated anywhere in your RV. Organize your supplies labeling each basket to store certain items such as plates and bowls in one basket while another basket holds all the utensils. The versatility of baskets goes beyond just storing your goodies. Depending on the kind of basket you have, you can hang your baskets on make-shift hooks for extra storage space as well as provide a nice décor touch to the RV. Take your organization one step further and label your baskets with tags to identify what each basket contains. Identifying your clothing items help if you do not have a dresser or perhaps you simply want to take advantage of the extra space in the closet.

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Here are some final touches you could easily implement to take your organization to the next level. One of the first tasks we recommend, when you’re setting up your RV, is shelf liners. You may or may not be wondering what are shelf liners? Shelf liners are simple applications that keep your items in place while protecting the surface underneath. It’s a great application to use especially in an RV. We highly recommend lining the drawers and shelves in your RV to help prevent spills and ease the cleanup process if an item should happen to fall or break. The liners provide an anti-slip layer so your items won’t be slipping and sliding all over the place while the RV is in motion. As an added bonus, shelf liners come in many different colors and patterns!

Pro RV & Boat Storage room

Organizing the space in your RV is going to take a bit of practice. Until you have gone on a few adventures and gotten the hang of the RV life, it can be overwhelming to decide what items are needed and not needed. Once you’ve organized everything, you’ll be all set! Be sure to stay organized even after your tip by storing your RV at your local RV storage facility. Here at, Pro RV & Boat Storage, we offer a wide range of parking available to accommodate your needs. To learn more about Pro RV & Boat Storage in Anna, Texas, please visit our website at http://prorvandboatstorage.com/.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States



5 Helpful Tips for Preparing your Boat for Winter Storage

Winter is coming! As winter slowly approaches with all its coldness and shivers, we must be ready to defend ourselves and our boats.

Winter is coming! As winter slowly approaches with all its coldness and shivers, we must be ready to defend ourselves and our boats. One of the best ways to protect our boats from the harsh winter weather is to use a storage facility. More specifically, inside boat storage, storing your boat inside is definitely one of the best ways to help protect your boat from the cold weather. Now before any misunderstandings arise, I would like to note something. I’m not saying that when winter rolls around to just dump your boat at a storage facility with absolute certainty that’ll be completely fine. What I am saying is that before you store your precious boat at a storage facility, there should be a checklist you should complete before the storage. This’ll help prepare your boat for the long winters so when spring rolls around it’ll be in tip-top shape. So what could possibly be on the checklist you might ask? Here is a list of 5 important must-dos to help protect your boat for winter storage.

Pro RV & Boat Storage boat

Number 1 | -Thoroughly Clean Your Boat Both Inside and Outside – This may seem like a no-brainer but this simple task is often disregarded. Most people do a pretty great job cleaning the outside of the boat after taking it into the water and back into storage. By a good job I mean most people wash the topside, bottom, and deck with a coat of wax. However, people typically forget about the inside of the boat. I’m talking about the propellers, engine and other important components such as the fiberglass in fiberglass boats. Additionally, don’t forget to clean the widescreens as well as well as spray hoods. Once you completed your boat cleaning, it’s important to make sure your boat is one hundred percent dry before storing it. A boat that’s been properly cleaned will help keep dirt and corrosion from occurring.

Number 2 | -Flush the Cooling System – Thoroughly flush the engine with fresh water to remove any excess salt, dirt, and corrosion. This specifically rings true for both inboard and outboard boats with raw water cooling systems. Depending on the climate you’re currently living in, you should invest in anti-freeze. If so, you can run anti-freeze into the cooling system by attaching a pickup hose from a container of anti-freeze to the motor’s water pump.

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Number 3 | -Double Check the Little Things –One of the most overlooked tasks are the little things, the small components that we often pay little to no attention to. I’m talking about the nuts and bolts of the boat. Though they may be small they are critical components of the overall health of your boat. On sterndrive boats, for example, make sure to apply marine grease to the fittings on the gimbal bearing and engine coupler. Now go around your entire boat and lightly apply moisture displacing lubricant to the myriad moving metal parts onboard such as hinges, latches, push-pull switches, ratchet mounts, bow rollers, and linkages. For boats on trailers, this is the ideal time to grease the trailer wheel bearings using quality grease. If you haven’t done it yet, definitely mark this as a must-do. Additionally, if you haven’t already, pull and inspect the wheel bearings for wear and water intrusion and replace if necessary. Last little things to double check are the propeller. Remove the propeller to inspect for fishing line and shaft seal damage, then coat the propeller shaft with quality water resistant grease.

Pro RV & Boat Storage snow

Number 4 | -Perform a Health Check-up on your Boat –Ensure your boat is in tip-top shape with a performing a thorough inspection. Every end-of-season winter storage checklist should include a routine health check-up. This would include changing the engine oil and the oil filter on the stern drive, both inbound and outboard engines. This could easily be done after the engine is slightly warmed up to help flush out sediment and impurities with the discarded oil. Once completed, you’ll then move on to refilling the engine with the appropriate oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Moving along we’ll be draining and re-filling your boat’s outdrive gear case or outboard lower unit. The reason behind his simple task is to prevent any water or impurities from freezing in cold water and causing damage to the insides of your boat. Here’s a little pro tip, when draining be on the lookout for water intrusion which usually causes the gear oil to look milky and discolored. If moisture is present, this is a clear indication that there’s a leaking seal that needs to be inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Pro RV & Boat Storage lake

Number 5 | Cover Your Boat –The best protection option for your boat is to store your boat in an enclosed, climate-controlled facility.  Now that’s top of the line protection for your boat. However, these options are best utilized depending on the kind of climate you’re in. If for example, live in a cold windy state with snowfall, and then an enclosed storage may be a better option than an outdoor storage. With that said, there are other options available to help protect your boat such as a good cover which will be the first line of defense against the elements. Now there is one thing to note if you plan on going with an outdoor storage unit and that’s to prop up the cover to prevent water from pooling in low spots. You may also want to park your boat under a good protective canopy to minimize the exposure to the elements.

These helpful tips will prepare your boat for the upcoming winter.  If you’re planning on storing your boat at a storage facility, it’s important to think about whether or not the storage facility can provide the necessary protection for your boat. Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we specialize in boat storages and we also understand the necessary measures needed for secure boat storage. Pro RV & Boat Storage is one of the best boat storages in Anna, Texas. To learn more about our storage facility, please check out our website at http://prorvandboatstorage.com/ today!

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States




5 Beginner RV Tips: Planning a Weekend Getaway on your Brand New Recreational Vehicle?

Alright, you adventure seekers! If you recently drove your brand new RV off the lot or pulled your RV out from a self-storage facility, it’s probably for one specific reason.

Alright, you adventure seekers! If you recently drove your brand new RV off the lot or pulled your RV out from a self-storage facility, it’s probably for one specific reason. You’re most likely planning a weekend getaway! If that’s exactly what you’re planning then you’re in for a treat! Listen here, if you’re a RV beginner because you don’t want to miss out on these helpful and useful tips for your adventures. Whether you’re starting to become a family of weekend campers or a retired couple looking to travel full time, there are a few important things to note before you dive right into your adventure. Let’s get started!

Pro RV & Boat Storage van

1) Understand your Recreational Vehicle – this goes without say, but believe or not there are lots of people still discovering a new thing or two about their RV. With that said, especially for RV beginners who have little to no road experience, should definitely take the time to learn how the recreational vehicle works. For instance, the angles when you turn, getting comfortable of the size, the distance before hitting the brakes, all these little know-hows are critically important to not only your safety but your friends and family as well. If you know anything about RVs, you’d know that there are a lot of features. Depending on what RV you have, you might have features that can enable you to do certain things you haven’t thought of before.

Pro RV & Boat Storage road

2) Take your Recreational Vehicle for a test drive – as obvious as this may sound, like most vehicles it’s important to get familiar with how it operates. This is especially important if you’re a RV beginner because you will face obstacles you haven’t faced before. Once simple solution to better prepare yourself for when the time comes to driving is to plan on where your destination is located and research the terrain it’ll be in. Once you figure out the scope, you can prepare yourself by driving a few test drives. Keep in mind; the terrain you’re in and the speed you’re driving to the turns you make will affect the people inside the RV. If there are unsecured items in the RV and you make a sharp turn, you can expect the living area to be a mess. These are the little things to consider when you’re driving your RV for the first time, be wary of the items and passengers on board as you’re driving.

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3) Prepare your Recreational Vehicle before you venture off – like most success in life, preparation is key. Always expect the unexpected; this famous line rings true for RV goers. Be sure to pack a well-stocked tool kit for your RV such as light bulbs, jumper cables, extra fuses, nuts, bolts and parts that are specifically unique to your RV. Aside from the RV’s functions, there are other preparations to be made such as having an adequate supply of living essentials in your living areas.

Pro RV & Boat Storage map

4) Plan out your weekend getaway before hopping on your Recreational Vehicle – having a solid plan is a great way to ensure for a fun-filled weekend. One of the most important RV plans to keep in mind is the budget. How much can you allocate for fun and for food. In other words, how much money can you spend eating out versus making sandwiches as an alternative food source. There’s also the route you’re taking to reach your destination. Plan the quickest route or take a few detours for sightseeing, there’s just a lot of variables that could go into planning a simple RV trip weekend, especially if you’re a RV beginner.

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5) Make a campground checklist for your Recreational Vehicle – figuring out where you’ll plan to stay the night is important. As a RV beginner, chances are you might not have a campground routine yet. Therefore, by creating a checklist will help ensure that you’re RVing like a pro. Your checklist should include checking the site locations if there are hanging branches or obstacles on the ground that may hamper your overnight camp. Another tip to mention is to secure your RV’s wheels by chocking them so it remains stationary throughout the night.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

These are the 5 basic beginner RV tips that you can implement when you decide to go off on an adventure. Once you’re satisfied with your weekend getaway, be sure to thoroughly clean your RV and make sure everything is operational and in working condition. This’ll ensure your RV will be ready for the next weekend and the weekends after that. If you pulled your RV from a self-storage facility, be sure to wash the RV before you park back at your local self-storage facility. Here at Pro RV & Boat Storage, we have a wide range of RV parking storage that’ll ensure the safety of your RV. Pro RV & Boat Storage will give you the peace of mind that your RV will be safe and secured. Come on down to Pro RV & Boat Storage today, we’re located in Anna, Texas. To find out more information about our storage facility, please contact 214-995-3078 or visit http://prorvandboatstorage.com/ today!









Top 3 Boating Activities this Season – More Ways to have Fun Boating

Autumn is finally here! It’s about that time we back out our Boats from our Self-Storage and into the waters!

Autumn is finally here! It’s about that time we back out our Boats from our Self-Storage and into the waters! What better time than now when the season is transitioning from summer to autumn! The thought of the warm summer winds shifting to a cooler autumn breeze. Ah yes, the perfect time is definitely now! What better place to feel the seasonal weather change that’s taking place right now than in the sea! That’s right! Take advantage of this moment and take your boat out into the waters before winter comes! There’s so many activities that you and your friends and even family can do when you’re out boating! Check out these 3 exciting activities you can do while boating!


1) Hold on tightly for the Watersports – Let’s be honest here, it’s pretty fun just being on a boat. Just relaxing and cruising across the waters while enjoying the breeze and scenery. Yep, being in a boat is definitely fun, but did you also know that being behind the boat is also fun? That’s right! Skimming along the water on the latest tow-able! Hang on tight and let the boat do all the work! There’s also the option of inflatables which are the easy choice, a one size fit all, that doesn’t require any athletic skill or balance. Just give a heads up to your responsible driver of how fast you would like them to go. But that’s a difference story if you’re interested in a greater challenge! We highly recommend skiing and waterboarding! Those are very popular, difficult and challenging. It’ll enable the rider the ability to zip in and out of the water and even catch some air time! This is just one of the incredible water-sport activities that you can enjoy this autumn!

Pro RV & Boat Storage fishing

2) Be Patient and Cast your Fishing line – Casting right into it, before anyone has the chance to comment about fishing. I’d like to address the fact that fishing, although may take some time to land a catch it’s actually really fun just waiting for the catch. Imagine yourself on a boat with your friends and family with your line cast out into the waters. You guys can enjoy each other’s company by catching up, playing another side game, eat & drink together and so much more! All the while, you guys are waiting for a catch and when that catch finally happens, it’ll only add on to the excitement you were already having! In other words the catch is an added bonus of excitement in your day! Yep! You don’t need a dedicated fishing boat to go fishing! Fishing can be done from any boat and it requires minimal equipment. All you would need is a fishing rod, bait or lure and a cooler to store your catches. Just don’t forget your fishing license! Before you venture into the waters and start fishing, be sure to double check your state’s fish and wildlife agency or department of natural resources before casting your line!

Pro RV & Boat Storage cove

3) Go off an adventure by Coving – Off-Off and away! Every lake, river or waterway has a cove or two with some being particularly more known and popular than others. With that said, these particular cove spots are the typical gathering spots where fellow boaters band together. These coves are a great place to socialize with fellow boaters or to just have a relaxing time enjoying the view. What’s a better way than to spend this amazing adventure to the cove than with your friends and family! This may even become a new usual spot for you guys and maybe even an annual gathering location! Keep in mind that there are usually a couple coves out there and each one different than the next, so find one that fits you and join in on the fun! Gather your friends and family for an excursion by venturing to these beautiful coves near you! Adventure is waiting and there are some adventures that are exclusively for those with boats! That’s right! That means you! So get out there today!

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

After an incredible day out in the water, it’s about that time to take your boat out of the water. Before you do so, it’s advised to properly clean the boat by rinsing the dirt and residue from the boat to help preserve its longevity. When all is said and done, your boat is now ready to get back into your Self-Storage facility, where it’ll be safely kept and stored until the next outing. For your boat’s storage needs near Anna, Texas come on down to Pro RV & Boat Storage. We have a wide selection of boat storage parking for you! Rent or reserve online today at our Pro RV & Boat Storage facility today! Call us at 214-995-3078 for additional information or visit our website at http://prorvandboatstorage.com/ now!

RV Camping Tips: Top 10 Tips That’ll Help Improve Your RV Camping Experience!

What we have here is a collection of RV Camping Tips and Tricks that’ll help improve your camping experience!

What we have here is a collection of RV Camping Tips and Tricks that’ll help improve your camping experience! Here you will find expert camping advice on a variety of typical camping issues. These issues will cover both the inside and the outside of the RV to provide an all-around improvement in your camping experience. With that said, be sure to pull out your RV from your Self Storage Facility to start your adventure! Here is the list we put together of our tips and tricks to help you achieve the most efficient and peaceful camping experience! Please enjoy and we hope these tips will help you in your RV adventures!

Pro RV and Boat Storage RV Travel

  1. How to Keep out Heat and Sunlight – Keeping the heat out of the RV especially in these hot weather conditions is extremely important. You can start by cutting foil bubble material to fit your windows. The foil bubble materials will help reduce and reflect sunlight from entering and heating up the inside of your RV. This really comes in handy on hot summer days, especially if you have no tree or shade coverage. Additionally, this little tip also works well in the bedroom for keeping light out when you want to sleep.
  2. Understanding your Propane Level – This is a critical one! Propone is an incredibly important component for any RV and knowing how much propone is left in the tank is vitally important. One simple way to check this is to look at the tank bright and early in the morning. Where ever the dew stops on your tank is where your propane level is. Another niffy trick to determine the propone level is to pour a cup of boiling water down the side of the tank and watch where the condensation starts! Alternatively, another option is to weigh the tank. A full tank weights approximately thirty pounds plus the tank weight itself.
  3. When to Turn off the Plumbing – Why is it important to turn off the plumbing? Well for starters, if you are planning to leave your RV unattended for an extended period of time, just remember to turn off the plumbing! That’s not so hard? The reason we should turn off the plumbing is because in the event of some type of interior plumbing failure, this tip will help save you of untold amounts of cleanup and possibly an expensive repair bill under your name.
  4. Use a Water Splitter – Save yourself the trouble with a water splitter! It’s usually a good idea to use a splitter where the water goes into the RV. This will allow you to have an extra spigot for attaching a hose for such things as cleaning. Additionally, this tip will help make it easy to depressurize the water when it comes time to unhook it, thus saving you from being soaked in the process.
  5. Keep Your Showers Clean – Showers are known as the sanctuary of clean! If showers keep you clean, it’s only fair to keep it clean as well. After a showering session, use an absorbent cloth or towel to completely dry your shower stall after use, it will help prevent the growth of any molds and keep hard water stains from forming. It only takes a few extra minutes but it is more worth it in the end.
  6. Save Electricity with Solar Energy – No need to spend countless money on batteries when you got rechargeable solar energy at your disposal. Using the solar powered lights that you can easily pick up from any lawn and garden center can save you a lot of money and batter usage. You can charge your solar energy packs in the front yard during the day and use them after sundown.
  7. Make the Most of Small Spaces – Most RV’s have a lot of cabinet spaces! Which is great and all but it still leaves a lot of wasted space. However, if we installed wire baskets in strategic places such as behind cabinet doors and in the tops of cabinets, a lot of wasted space can be utilized. This’ll create more storage capacity and ultimately serve as help maintain a sense of organization.
  8. The Power of Corkboards Behind Cabinet Doors – Corkboards have always be associated with a sense of organization and beauty. This remains true even in a RV. Installing corkboards on the backs of your cabinet doors is a great way to pin and save recipes, instruction pages or little pieces of paper. It is a great reminder tool while on the road!
  9. Change your LED Lights to Power Saving – Make the energy saving switch to LED lights! Replacing normal incandescent bulbs LED’s can save exponential amounts of energy since most LED’s use only one-tenth the power of normal lightbulbs.
  10. Pack a First Aid Kit – Safety First! Understanding that when you’re traveling in an RV would mean that you are probably going to be miles away from a medical facility. In the event of a medical emergency, you need to make sure you are prepared for the worse. A first aid kit that has a variety of medical treatments will be extremely valuable for any RV traveler.

Pro RV and Boat Storage RV Front

After an amazing RV adventure, be sure to park your RV back into your Self Storage Facility for safe protection! Pro RV and Boat Storage can help accommodate your RV storage needs! If you got a small, medium or large sized RV, Pro RV and Boat Storage has got the solution for you! Here at Pro RV and Boat Storage we offer a wide range of RV parking with 24 hour parking surveillance! Rent or Reserve online at your own convenience today!





A Total Solar Eclipse is coming August 2017! Be Ready to Witness a Spectacular of a Life Time all across the US!

A Total Solar Eclipse is coming August 2017! Be Ready to Witness a Spectacular of a Life Time all across the US!

A Total Solar Eclipse is coming August 2017! Be Ready to Witness a Spectacular of a Life Time all across the US!

Summer is coming to an end and what better way to bid summer farewell than with a Total Solar Eclipse! So pack your bags and pull out your RV out from your storage facilities because this is one eclipse you do not want to miss! Can’t you just feel the excitement! We haven’t had a Total Solar Eclipse in nearly a century! According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) the last known total solar eclipse that could be seen throughout the United States was dated in 1918! We’re going to become a part of history! How exciting is that!? It won’t be long before we’re shrouded in darkness when the moon fully covers the sun. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you’re sure to notice when the day fades to night. Here are some more interesting facts about this National Total Solar Eclipse and tips on how you can prepare.

Pro RV & Boat Storage Night Sky

On August 21, 2017, America will witness its first coast to coast total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years! All the way from the west coast to the east coast, the eclipse will be seen across the country and millions of Americans will feast their eyes on a once-in-a-life-time event as the moon passes between the earth and the sun and day turns to night. This speculator is speculated to last roughly 3 MINUTES! In other words, it’ll be dinner time before you even know it!

What will I see during a Total Solar Eclipse? During a Total Solar Eclipse, you will likely see the disk of the moon block out the sun’s outer atmosphere. When this occurs, we have officially entered totality. The area inside the moon’s shadow will be cloaked in twilight, a very strange experience especially in the middle of the day.

Where will the Total Solar Eclipse be visible? The totality as mentioned previously will occur on August 21, 2017. The Total Solar Eclipse is about 70 miles wide that will stretch from Oregon all the way to South Carolina.

How long will the Total Solar Eclipse last? According to experts, the Total Solar Eclipse will at most last approximately 2 minutes and 40 seconds. That’s about how long totality will last for observers positioned anywhere along the center of the path of totality. As you move further away from the path, the duration of the totality will decrease.

Pro RV & Boat Storage RVPro RV & Boat Storage RV

So pull out your RV from your storage facility and head to a campsite, but you got to hurry! Eclipse chasers from all over the country will be arriving on the eclipse’s travel path in the days and weeks before and after the main event. Be sure to plan ahead and become a part of history, this is one event you do not want to miss!

Pro RV & Boat Storage Camp RV

Why RV? Sometimes just traveling with your RV to a spot where others congregate becomes the event. RV owners could make an event an RV phenomenon if enough drivers united at a central area. With that in mind, millions of American will be looking to travel towards the total solar eclipse line of travel which stretches from Oregon to South Carolina. So for all you RV owners, you’ll most likely meet other fellow RV owners on your road and at various campsites. An estimated 12.2 million people in 14 states will be in the path of the totality. That’s crazy if you really think about it. The media anticipates that over 100,000 Americans are expected to drive in range of the totality to have a “good seat”. Just imagine the fun of having your own seat, your own bed and most importantly your own toilet all the while witnessing this spectacular event.

Pro RV & Boat Storage Camp Site

What can you expect? During the total solar eclipse, the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun, darkening the sky and revealing the hidden features of our universe. During this eventful period, people of America will also see the stars and the planets that are normally hidden until dusk or nightfall. For those experts and non-experts of our constellation, this one is for you! During the total solar eclipse, our sun will be in the constellation of Leo, the Lion!

The most important thing to consider when planning for this eventful day isn’t your location within the totality or your distance to the center line of travel, or even the weather. It’s eye safety! Although this is a once-in-a-life-time event, please be careful! Understand that looking directly at the sun, even when it is partially covered by the moon, can cause serious eye damage or even blindness. Unfortunately, eye safety is often neglected when it comes to events of such magnitude. Our hope is that as we get closer to the total solar eclipse, the media will advise Americans to take the subject of eye safety more seriously and communicate the proper and safe way to view a solar eclipse as carefully and unambiguously as possible.

Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States
Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

With that said, once the magnificent event has come to a close. The time has come to figure out your next course of action! That’s right! Next RV TRIP! Check out current and future events to plan your next RV trip! Nothing beats traveling and becoming a part of history than in the comfort of your own RV. But before we start planning the next trip, remember to park your RV back at Pro RV & Boat Storage in Anna, Texas. Make sure to keep your RV in good condition for many trips to come!




Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating

For your boat storage needs near Anna, Texas come on by to Pro RV & Boat Storage.

Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating


Now that summer is in full sway, it’s time to take your boat out for a ride (if you haven’t done so already!). Take your boat out of self-storage to the nearest body of water for some good summer fun. There are so many water activities that you and your family or friends can do while boating. Especially if one person prefers to fish and another prefers to swim, there are so many activities that you can do while boating to keep everyone entertained for the day. Here is a list of recommended water activities to do while boating this summer.


1. Snorkeling— This is a great way to explore the sea while exercising! Take your boat out off the coast line and begin your snorkeling adventures alongside the various sea creatures below. Allow your inner adventurer out while snorkeling and see the wonders of the ocean. To document and share your adventure with your friends and family take a waterproof camera with you to capture experience under the sea. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to make a new ocean friend or better yet you might even find nemo and maybe even dory.


2. Swimming— Take a dip into still water to cool off! If you are boating on a lake and the current is still and safe, we recommend jumping in! Swimming in a lake or the ocean will keep you cool and if you do swimming laps around your boat, you will get a good cardio exercise! If you are boating in the ocean, make sure there are no dangers of sharks in the water and if the waters appear safe, you can jump on in for some swimming fun.

3. Tubing— If you want to go out onto the waters but don’t want to submerge yourself completely, tie a water tube to your boat and enjoy the drifting around under the sun. Water tubes will keep you cool while you bask in the sun and float atop the waters. They are inflatable water apparatuses that come in all shapes and sizes, including the donut rings and chairs. Whatever your preference, you can always tie a string from the boat to your floating apparatus so you don’t float too far away from the boat.


4. Water Ski— If you have a boat with the horsepower strong enough, you could water ski out on the waters. You just need the power to pull someone up and keep the speed manageable for the rider. Many 24’ boats are fast enough to pull a skier behind them, though the acceleration might be slow at first. Lighter and smaller boats tend to accelerate faster, so a boat smaller than 24’ would work for water skiing. Water skiing equipment can be found at your local sporting store or you can find all of the equipment online.


5. Fishing— Fishing is always a great activity to do while boating, especially if certain family members or friends prefer fishing over the other water activities mentioned. You can catch your dinner fishing or simply enjoy the sun while you wait for a bite. There are some people who enjoy catching fish as a game while others catch fish for fun by returning them back into the waters. Whatever your preference, know that fishing is a great way to pass the time while boating. Just be sure your friends and family isn’t in the waters when you’re trying to score a bite. With that said apply lots of sun screen and stay hydrated while you do so!


After a fun filled day under the sun it’s about that time to take your boat out of the water. You will want to clean the hull and windows before parking your boat in storage. Cleaning up the dirt and residue will help preserve your boat and help keep it in good condition. Remember to wipe down the hull and windows with a mixture of water and dishwater soap or you can use a microfiber rag to wipe down the boat. Just remember however you choose to clean your boat is entirely up to you but we can all agree that wiping away excess mud and gunk will help prolong the beauty of the hull.


With your boat clean, you are now ready for storage! To further protect your boat from the weathered elements, cover it with a boat cover and place it into a protected storage. Storing your boat will keep it safe and secure until the next time. For your boat storage needs near Anna, Texas come on by to Pro RV & Boat Storage. We have the right boat storage space for you! Rent or Reserve online today or call us for additional information at 1-214-995-3078.