Spring Outdoor Adventures: Boat Trips

Spring is here! Take your Boat out on the waters for fun adventures, but make sure to stay safe! Here are safety tips!

April Showers, May Flowers. It’s that time when brighter days and the abundance of blooming flowers charm us to outdoor adventures. Day out on the lake, picnics by the lake, and road trips to flower fields can be met with rainy surprises. With chances of light drizzles, sunny days and breezy evenings, enjoy by being safe on your boat trips by preparing for the unexpected weather changes that come during the spring season.

Be Aware of Swift Weather Changes While Out on Your   Boat! 

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even on light-drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.

Check the Clouds While on Your Boat
Pro RV and Boat Storage Clouds

While there are many cloud-types, there are 4 in specific that Boaters should be aware of when out in the water.

1. Cirrus Clouds 

Cirrus CloudsThese are clouds that are extremely high in elevation, reaching up to 42,000 feet. Cirrus Clouds are thin and whispy and appear abnormally far away when viewed from below. Cirrus Clouds may appear harmless in their appearance but be careful of these high clouds, sometimes they appear just before snowfall and rainfall. Their appearance looks thin because they are made of ice crystals rather than water drops in cold temperatures. If they appear against blue skies and the weather reports do not predict any coming storms then you can rest assured that it will be a nice day.

2. Nimbostratus Clouds 

Nimbostratus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageThese are clouds are low clouds that are thick, grey, puffy masses that will rain upon you at any moment if they aren’t doing so now. These clouds are composed of water droplets and appear around 5,000 feet above. Nimbostratus Clouds are the rain clouds we so often see on our rainy days. Use great caution when boating on days where Nimbostratus clouds are in the skies because those clouds are indicators of prolonged rain and storms.

3. Stratus Clouds 

Stratus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageStratus Clouds are your light-drizzle clouds. They are low clouds that indicate rain is coming if it is warmer weather and snow is coming if it is cold weather. Its appearance is often described as a dark blanket across the sky. Light rain will precede heavier rainfall so if you are boating and see these clouds forming, be cautious and make your way back to shore, especially if weather reports have issues warnings of rain.

4. Cumulus Clouds 

Cumulus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageCumulus Clouds are your white, fluffy, friendly clouds that you find against the blue skies on a perfectly sunny day. When you see the Cumulus Clouds out and about, you know your boating experience will be just as relaxing as if it were a clear blue-skies day!

Are the Winds Picking Up? 

Being wary of winds is important for boaters. A change in wind direction often means a change in weather is coming so it’s important to be cautious of the clouds in the sky. Stronger winds can carry storm clouds your way so it is important to keep your eyes on the horizon for the edges of clouds. Figure out which way the wind is blowing and if it’s blowing Nimbostratus clouds towards you aggressively, it may be time to head back to shore before the storm arrives. Most wind will travel from west to east as a general rule of thumb. A strong storm can cause winds to travel north or south. These can help boaters be aware of what weather may be coming their way, even if they aren’t out on the waters.


The Birds Will Tell You!

Seagulls BoatingThe behaviors of the birds will tell boaters a great deal on the weather. If you are out boating and see a great number of seagulls, or any other birds that hunt on the waters, this is good indication that the weather will be nice for the day. Birds will seek shelter in wake of bad weather. If you are boating and you see birds flying towards land, you may want to follow their lead and head back. Birds want feed unless there is danger so if many fish-hunting birds are flying towards shelter then this is an indication that rain is coming your way.

Stay Alert in that Drizzle Because the Weather Can Change Too Fast!

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even on light-drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.


FishingFishing in the rain can lead to high payoffs. On days where the clouds are giving light drizzle or moderate rain, the fish tend to be out and about, or at least that is the appearance. Less boating activity means more fish to catch but be careful if you choose to go boating when it is raining. Safety should always come first and use the precautions listed above to keep watch of growing storms. Always be close enough to shore that you can quickly make your way to safety. Wear a lifejacket on rainy days when fishing and wear adhesive shoes on the boat to make sure you don’t slip as you make your way around it. Otherwise, enjoy the catches as you fish on a rainy day.

Visit the Coast Guard information site for more safety tips.

Boat Storage in Anna, Texas

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7 Helpful Steps to Protect your RV against Unwanted Rodents!

Need tips on how to protect your RV and Boat against unwanted Rodents? Here are 7 helpful steps!

With Spring in full swing and spring fever in the air, humans aren’t the only ones frolicking out in the fields spending more time outdoors. Four-legged creatures are also coming out and roaming around adventurously, finding new places for nesting as mating season commences. This could mean that your RV or Boat becomes a nesting ground for rodents. Before rodents claim your stored vehicle, follow these 7 helpful tips below!

Food Crumbs1. Remove all your food from your RV!

A basic step, but also the most important in ensuring your RV is safe from rodents. Rodents love food so if you leave it for them to seek out, they will find it and make your RV home. Remove all food from the RV and wipe the cabinets down so there aren’t small particles of food left lying around.  Even if you think certain foods are okay in prolonged storage, such as canned foods, the smell can still attract rodents. .

2. Spray Ammonia in your Engine

ammonia_cleaning_productsSpraying glass cleaners like Windex in your engine helps keep rodents from making a nest in your engine compartment or chewing on the wires. Ammonia has a strong scent that wards off unwanted critters and if your engine reeks of it, they will stay away! Preserve your engine and save it from irreparable damage by keeping away rodents which chew on wires, leave unwanted droplets, or even die within the engine.

3. Use Dryer Sheets to keep rodents away (i.e. Bounce)

Put dryer sheets throughout your engine compartment and all throughout the RV and this will ward off those pesky rodents because they hate the smell. Similar to ammonia, rodents dislike strong smells. Keeping these pesky creatures out prevents them from causing damage to your engine. Some prefer the dryer sheets over the Windex as it offers an easier clean-up of simply pulling out the dryer sheets from the RV engine before riding it out of its spring storage home.

4. Seal all Gaping Holes in the RV with Spray Foam Insulation

Your Recreational Vehicle has small crevices and access points for plumbing that mice and other small animals can squeeze into and gain access. To protect the RV, close those gaps by sealing them with spray foam insulation. These gaps are typically found where the plumbing is located or behind cabinets. Be sure to check for any other openings to secure your automobile from these tiny invaders.

5. Get some Mothballs

Rodents hate mothballs! Place some in bowls and spread them around the RV.  Mothballs should be placed in areas that are susceptible to pests clawing: cupboards, top of those upholstered seats, on the bed, couches, and in the bathroom. The key targets to keep in mind while surveying your vehicle is to safeguard any place an animal will want to make their soft and comfy nests out of.

6. It’s a trap!

mouse-traps_storageDon’t let mice take over your camper! Use mice traps to ensure there are no unwanted guests roaming around. As an extra precaution, place some traps on the ground near the engine! Whether using the traditional traps or no-kill humane contraptions to secure your RV, it is extremely important to stop by your storage spot to check on the captures. You certainly don’t want to be welcomed by that pungent smell that will linger for many days!

7. Keep Storage clean with Irish Spring Soap

Rodents hate the smell of this soap! Something about the chemically-induced Spring-fresh scent deters these pesky critters from unexpectedly visiting your storage space. Plus it helps you get in the mood for Spring! Buy a bulk of these at your local discount stores to set them around the RV and the Engine. The strong scents will be more welcoming for you while warding off uninvited animals.

Spring time means spring cleaning and storing your RV or Boat into storage spaces will help in organization and feeling refreshed! If looking to keep your vehicles covered this spring, our professionally managed storage facility is an ideal place. Pro RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located in Anna, Texas. Call 214-995-3078 or visit our facility website.


Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas For RV, Boat & Motorcycle Owners


With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to stop thinking and start buying that perfect gift for the outdoor adventure lover in your life. Whether a boat sailor, motorcycle explorer, recreational vehicle vacationer or Jet Ski enthusiast, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to match their thrill.

For the Harley Davidson fan, how about touring luggage systems to store essentials as your significant other cruises the road? From jewelry accessories to  music player pouches, your options are endless no matter what the budget for your motorcyclist.

For a more practical, but one surely to be enjoyed for days to come, consider an induction cooktop for their RV Camper! Cooking meals while on your camping adventures can be a fun experience as you come up with easy recipes together.

Just looking for simple yet practical gifts that matter? Care gear, handy tools or basic add-on tools for boat escapes for a day or weekend getaway are a perfect way to remind them how well you know them. Click here for ideas from boatingworld.com.

Make it personal! A comfy T-shirt or a sun-blocking baseball cap customized to express their motto or conveying an in-side joke. Head on over to CafePress and check out their oh-so-many options that meets any outdoor adventurers thrill!

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Boat and RV Storage Tips for Texas Winters

Winter has arrived and you’re now faced with the task of storing your RV or Boat into storage. Here are some important tips to help you.

It’s always important to find a dry location to store the vehicle, or at least a location that does not experience high amounts of moisture. Among other things, moisture can lead to fungal problems that wear and tear on the vehicle.  A simple tip is to always cover the Boat or RV vehicle with a tarp or protective covers to prevent from weather damage to the exterior and interior. Additionally, tire covers helps to prevent dry rot and cracks which commonly occur when a vehicle sits unused for a longer period of time.

A highly recommended step is to change the oil before storage. Oil is good for an entire year while sitting in the engine but risks destabilization after that as the nature of the oil begins to disintegrate and this can potentially cause problems for the engine. Therefore, if planning on storing your vehicle in a storage facility for a year or longer, it is good to fog the engine. Fogging is done by spraying Fogging Oil (found in most hardware stores) into spark plug holes while turning the engine to ensure the oil coat is evenly spread across engine surfaces. This helps prevent rust, corrosion, and the engine seizing up in storage.

Another consideration when storing your Boat or RV vehicle for a long period of time is to put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank a day or two before the vehicle is stored. By doing this, the stabilizer can flow through the entire fuel system helping preserve gasoline. Products such as Seafoam and Sta-Bil will do the trick! It is also very important to fill the entire gasoline tank before storage in order to preserve the tank. Condensation of water vapor on any exposed tank walls could lead to oxidation and damage. All fluids, especially anti-freeze, should also be topped up when placing a vehicle in storage.

Finally, before deciding to remove the battery prior to placing your Boat or RV vehicles in storage, it is a good idea to check with the dealership or expert who is well-aware of the make and design of your vehicle. Some cars, for example, may require the battery be connected at all times due to computer memory and modules. For other vehicles, however, simply removing the battery and keeping it on a maintainer at home better preserves the battery’s integrity.

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