Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating

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Summer 2017 Water Activities While Boating


Now that summer is in full sway, it’s time to take your boat out for a ride (if you haven’t done so already!). Take your boat out of self-storage to the nearest body of water for some good summer fun. There are so many water activities that you and your family or friends can do while boating. Especially if one person prefers to fish and another prefers to swim, there are so many activities that you can do while boating to keep everyone entertained for the day. Here is a list of recommended water activities to do while boating this summer.


1. Snorkeling— This is a great way to explore the sea while exercising! Take your boat out off the coast line and begin your snorkeling adventures alongside the various sea creatures below. Allow your inner adventurer out while snorkeling and see the wonders of the ocean. To document and share your adventure with your friends and family take a waterproof camera with you to capture experience under the sea. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to make a new ocean friend or better yet you might even find nemo and maybe even dory.


2. Swimming— Take a dip into still water to cool off! If you are boating on a lake and the current is still and safe, we recommend jumping in! Swimming in a lake or the ocean will keep you cool and if you do swimming laps around your boat, you will get a good cardio exercise! If you are boating in the ocean, make sure there are no dangers of sharks in the water and if the waters appear safe, you can jump on in for some swimming fun.

3. Tubing— If you want to go out onto the waters but don’t want to submerge yourself completely, tie a water tube to your boat and enjoy the drifting around under the sun. Water tubes will keep you cool while you bask in the sun and float atop the waters. They are inflatable water apparatuses that come in all shapes and sizes, including the donut rings and chairs. Whatever your preference, you can always tie a string from the boat to your floating apparatus so you don’t float too far away from the boat.


4. Water Ski— If you have a boat with the horsepower strong enough, you could water ski out on the waters. You just need the power to pull someone up and keep the speed manageable for the rider. Many 24’ boats are fast enough to pull a skier behind them, though the acceleration might be slow at first. Lighter and smaller boats tend to accelerate faster, so a boat smaller than 24’ would work for water skiing. Water skiing equipment can be found at your local sporting store or you can find all of the equipment online.


5. Fishing— Fishing is always a great activity to do while boating, especially if certain family members or friends prefer fishing over the other water activities mentioned. You can catch your dinner fishing or simply enjoy the sun while you wait for a bite. There are some people who enjoy catching fish as a game while others catch fish for fun by returning them back into the waters. Whatever your preference, know that fishing is a great way to pass the time while boating. Just be sure your friends and family isn’t in the waters when you’re trying to score a bite. With that said apply lots of sun screen and stay hydrated while you do so!


After a fun filled day under the sun it’s about that time to take your boat out of the water. You will want to clean the hull and windows before parking your boat in storage. Cleaning up the dirt and residue will help preserve your boat and help keep it in good condition. Remember to wipe down the hull and windows with a mixture of water and dishwater soap or you can use a microfiber rag to wipe down the boat. Just remember however you choose to clean your boat is entirely up to you but we can all agree that wiping away excess mud and gunk will help prolong the beauty of the hull.


With your boat clean, you are now ready for storage! To further protect your boat from the weathered elements, cover it with a boat cover and place it into a protected storage. Storing your boat will keep it safe and secure until the next time. For your boat storage needs near Anna, Texas come on by to Pro RV & Boat Storage. We have the right boat storage space for you! Rent or Reserve online today or call us for additional information at 1-214-995-3078.

Summer 2017 RV Travel Adventures

Travel this summer with your RV for many cool adventures! Afterwards, store your RV in storage at Pro RV and Boat Storage.


With the sun shining bright against the blue skies, it’s the perfect weather to take your RV on an adventure this summer. Road trips to national parks, beaches, and the mountains make for a promising fun time camping. Traveling with an RV allows you to bring all the comforts of home while sightseeing. An RV is the best methods of traveling across the United States to see the various national monuments and historical sites. Most national parks and campsites allow for RV parking so get your RV out of storage this summer and travel!


It is important to inspect your RV carefully before heading out on your summer road trip. Generally, the first order of business is to do a walk through on the outside and inside of your RV to check for structural damages. Structural damages occur due to weather elements causing unexpected damage.


One of the next things you can do is to prepare the RV watering system for travel, especially if antifreeze was applied to the water supply prior to placement the RV in storage. To clear out the antifreeze from the entire water system, you need to run the water until all traces of it have been removed. Antifreeze is generally a bright neon color to help distinguish it from water, such as neon blue or neon green. Run the water in the shower and sink and flush the toilet until all of the antifreeze disappears from the water. In general you should always drain and refill the fresh water tanks before any travel, even if you didn’t place antifreeze in the water supply. Take note that if you placed the water heater in bypass mode to put it back into play for traveling use. Don’t forget to check your water filters and replace as needed!


Check your battery for your RV and make sure it’s in tip top shape before heading off on the road. If you don’t feel comfortable with working on the battery, you can have an on-call automotive technician visit your RV to help perform battery maintenance. Keep in mind that batteries that are in storage without use will discharge between 10-15% of energy each month. Many choose to remove the battery from the engine and keep the RV battery stored in the garage during the winter. Either way, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure the RV battery is fully charged before driving off. The first thing is to fully charge the battery and the only reliable way to do this is to use a multi-stage battery charger, such as a Battery Tender. Once your battery is fully charged, make sure your water levels in the battery are full and equal. You must use distilled water to refill the battery’s cells. If your battery is weak and the water is below the plates then do not fill the water to the top in the cells because the electrolyte level will rise and there needs to be space for this during charging of the battery.


You need to check the LP gas cylinders to make sure they are running smoothly. You can test the water heater tank to see if the LP gas appliance is working efficiently—if the water gets hot, it is working. If the water does not get hot after several moments, something is wrong with the LP gas appliance. You can have it inspected at an RV and automotive service facility because if it is leaking gas, that is very dangerous. If the LP gas appliance seems to be working fine, then also check the various appliances around the RV including the microwave, the refrigerator, and the roof air conditioner. You can do electrical testing to make sure these appliances are receiving the proper electrical input or you can take it to an automotive shop and they will test the electrical output for you to make sure your RV appliances are in tip top shape for the road. Also make sure the oil levels in your generator are fine, as well as ensure the generator’s exhaust system is running in tip top shape. One way to preserve the generator is by using it while your RV is storage to keep it performing well. You can always take your generator to an automotive service facility to have it double checked, as the generator is essential for any RV trip.


Once you have prepared your RV structurally for the road, you need to them stock up the RV with toiletries, food, clothes, sleeping necessities, electronics and toys. If you are traveling with kids, you will definitely need to keep in mind activities for the kids to do while on the road.

Keep Them Reading!

Whether your kid is reading comic books or novels, it is important for kids to keep their minds sharp and their imaginations strong. This is why you should pack their favorite books or a handful of comics for them to read while your family is on the road. Harry Potter is still a favorite go-to book for a lot of kids as kids love to escape into the magical world of Hogwarts, and there are seven books to the series so this will keep them occupied on longer trips. Comics are another great avenue to keep kids reading, especially since the Marvel and DC films are so popular with the kids. There are plenty Marvel and DC kid-friendly comics on their favorite superheroes to keep their imaginations running during long-hour drives in the RV.

Coloring & Activity Books

Keeping your child’s mind active for cognitive development is important and coloring & activity books help to do just this. Activity books with mathematical practices and English-based activities will help your child focus on their learning while the adults can focus on driving the RV. Coloring and Activity books can be done in the RV during the drive or can be done at the camping destination while the adults are cooking or doing other chores. You can offer rewards for the children to complete a certain amount of activity pages while the adults finish their work, especially rewards centered on the trip such as a souvenir from a gift shop. There are many activity books that feature coloring activities centering on math, which helps them enjoy the process of learning.

Electronics & Learning Apps

There are so many electronic devices out there with learning apps that allow your children to learn while being entertained. There are learning-tablets for kids that feature science, math, and grammar lessons. These are definitely a must while on the road or camping. If you do not own the tablet, that is okay because there are many apps that you can download on your smart phone for learning.


With the RV packed up and the kids ready to go on an adventure, it’s time to hit the road! There are many beautiful places to take your RV out for camping near Anna, Texas.


Arlington is the perfect place for the family to visit, and it has a beautiful RV resort to make you feel at peace. There are so many activities to do with the family including Six Flags Over Texas, fishing, hiking, and seeing the Texas Rangers at the Globe Life Park. For camping with your RV, you can stay at the Treetops Sun RV Resort where they offer many needed amenities including electrical hook-ups for your RV, as well as water refilling stations and sewer dumping stations. They also offer Wi-Fi, pool, a library for recreational reading, and golfing options. You can park at Treetops Sun RV Resort for $52 a night, or for $309 a week.



Rockport is a great place to go camping because it is near Corpus Christi and there are so many watering and hiking activities to do in the area. You can go to the beach and fish in Corpus Christi, visit The Texas State Aquarium, visit the U.S.S. Lexington, and visit the Corpus Christi Museum of Science & History. With your RV, you can park at Wilderness Oaks RV Resort where they offer many amenities including Wi-Fi, a swimming pool and hot tub, Saturday pancake breakfasts for visitors, fish-cleaning stations, and a dog park. The rates for RV parking are $56 a night and for a week is $269.



After your adventure and road trip with the family, you need to place your RV into storage and Pro RV & Boat Storage can help! Call our friendly staff at (214) 995-3078 to rent your space and park, today!


Summer Boating Had me a Blast!


Now that Summer is here, it’s time to take the boat out on the waters. The days can get pretty hot here in Texas, so stay cool by taking your boat out at the local lakes or ocean. Make sure to pack a lot of water and other beverages to stay cool under the sun, whether you’re fishing or just simply taking it out for some good old summer fun. High-protein snacks will keep you energized as you seek out fish for catch. Easy to pack snacks include nuts and beef jerky. Be careful with drinking alcoholic beverages while boating, not only can it lead to dehydration, but drinking and operating a boat can be extremely dangerous.

There are many freshwater lakes and saltwater regions near Pro RV & Boat Storage Depending on what type of fish you want to catch, you can access both. Almost half of all gaming fish are found in fresh waters, approximately 40% in fact. This means you are equally able to fish in freshwater as successfully as the saltwater regions, so it’s all about personal preference of the location. Depending on your personal taste buds, you may have a preference in either freshwater or saltwater fish. Many claim they can taste the difference! The fish only differ in physiology but some state that saltwater fish tend to taste saltier in the meat. Others prefer the freshwater fish taste, saying the meat has unique mineral taste to them. Find out if you can taste the difference!



Want to find the perfect location to fish largemouth bass? Look no further because Lake Corpus Christi has largemouth bass reaching 5 pounds! There’s also an abundance of Catfish, Crappies, White Bass, and Sunfish. Largemouth bass are difficult to catch in the summer, even for master anglers, but not impossible! You can catch them using spring baits, specifically spinnerbaits and crankbaits are popular methods used to catch the famed largemouth bass.  You can also fish for Catfish and White Bass in the deeper waters of the Lake in the summer, which is perfect for wading your boat. Use cheesebait and cutbait for the Catfish and Jigging spoons to catch White Bass. Wading your boat in the areas of the lake with deeper depths will not only allow you an advantage in the fish pool, but you can sit back and relax as you look onto a beautiful view of the surrounding nature as you wait for the amazing catch of the day! For only $5 per person, per day, you can visit Lake Corpus Christi, which is located two miles west of Mathis. There are boat ramps to easily load and unload your boat so you can easily plan a day’s trip with little hassle!


Lake Houston is a beautiful lake with luscious greenery surrounding the waters. For a wonderful summer’s day, take your boat out for a scenic drive on Lake Houston! Bring your binoculars and drift upon the waters while witnessing the local birds and wildlife around. You can also fish in Lake Houston, with local species being the largemouth bass, white bass, white crappie, blue catfish, and bluegill. Blue catfish are the predominant species in Lake Houston so if this is a fish-favorite of yours, Lake Houston is the place to be! The best way to catch Blue catfishes are by cheesebait and cutbait. Blue catfish are known to be aggressively resistant so they’ll put up a fight. You can use a strohng 8-foot rod and a reel with plenty of capacity so if the catfish does put up a fight, you’ll be prepared. Lake Houston is 15 miles north-east of Houston and has many access points for your boat: BJ’s Marina, Ponderosa Marina, Lake Houston Marina, and Duessen Park. Access to Duessen Park is free but the remaining Marina’s is a nominal daily fee for access into the waters.



After you’ve taken your boat out on the waters, you will want to clean the hull and windows before parking your boat in storage. Cleaning up the dirt and residue will help preserve your boat and keep it in pristine condition. Wipe down the hull and windows with a mixture of water and dishwater soap. Or you can use a microfiber rag to wipe down the boat. However you clean the boat is up to personal preference and it will help get all the mud and gunk out before it mildews and spoils the hull and sides.


With your boat clean, you are now ready for storage! To further protect your boat from the weathered elements, cover it with a boat cover and place it into storage. Storing your boat will keep it safe and secure until the next time. For all your boat storage needs near Anna, Texas, come by Pro RV & Boat Storage. We have all the right boat storage spaces for you!


Spring Outdoor Adventures: Boat Trips

Spring is here! Take your Boat out on the waters for fun adventures, but make sure to stay safe! Here are safety tips!

April Showers, May Flowers. It’s that time when brighter days and the abundance of blooming flowers charm us to outdoor adventures. Day out on the lake, picnics by the lake, and road trips to flower fields can be met with rainy surprises. With chances of light drizzles, sunny days and breezy evenings, enjoy by being safe on your boat trips by preparing for the unexpected weather changes that come during the spring season.

Be Aware of Swift Weather Changes While Out on Your   Boat! 

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even on light-drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.

Check the Clouds While on Your Boat
Pro RV and Boat Storage Clouds

While there are many cloud-types, there are 4 in specific that Boaters should be aware of when out in the water.

1. Cirrus Clouds 

Cirrus CloudsThese are clouds that are extremely high in elevation, reaching up to 42,000 feet. Cirrus Clouds are thin and whispy and appear abnormally far away when viewed from below. Cirrus Clouds may appear harmless in their appearance but be careful of these high clouds, sometimes they appear just before snowfall and rainfall. Their appearance looks thin because they are made of ice crystals rather than water drops in cold temperatures. If they appear against blue skies and the weather reports do not predict any coming storms then you can rest assured that it will be a nice day.

2. Nimbostratus Clouds 

Nimbostratus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageThese are clouds are low clouds that are thick, grey, puffy masses that will rain upon you at any moment if they aren’t doing so now. These clouds are composed of water droplets and appear around 5,000 feet above. Nimbostratus Clouds are the rain clouds we so often see on our rainy days. Use great caution when boating on days where Nimbostratus clouds are in the skies because those clouds are indicators of prolonged rain and storms.

3. Stratus Clouds 

Stratus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageStratus Clouds are your light-drizzle clouds. They are low clouds that indicate rain is coming if it is warmer weather and snow is coming if it is cold weather. Its appearance is often described as a dark blanket across the sky. Light rain will precede heavier rainfall so if you are boating and see these clouds forming, be cautious and make your way back to shore, especially if weather reports have issues warnings of rain.

4. Cumulus Clouds 

Cumulus Clouds Pro RV and Boat StorageCumulus Clouds are your white, fluffy, friendly clouds that you find against the blue skies on a perfectly sunny day. When you see the Cumulus Clouds out and about, you know your boating experience will be just as relaxing as if it were a clear blue-skies day!

Are the Winds Picking Up? 

Being wary of winds is important for boaters. A change in wind direction often means a change in weather is coming so it’s important to be cautious of the clouds in the sky. Stronger winds can carry storm clouds your way so it is important to keep your eyes on the horizon for the edges of clouds. Figure out which way the wind is blowing and if it’s blowing Nimbostratus clouds towards you aggressively, it may be time to head back to shore before the storm arrives. Most wind will travel from west to east as a general rule of thumb. A strong storm can cause winds to travel north or south. These can help boaters be aware of what weather may be coming their way, even if they aren’t out on the waters.


The Birds Will Tell You!

Seagulls BoatingThe behaviors of the birds will tell boaters a great deal on the weather. If you are out boating and see a great number of seagulls, or any other birds that hunt on the waters, this is good indication that the weather will be nice for the day. Birds will seek shelter in wake of bad weather. If you are boating and you see birds flying towards land, you may want to follow their lead and head back. Birds want feed unless there is danger so if many fish-hunting birds are flying towards shelter then this is an indication that rain is coming your way.

Stay Alert in that Drizzle Because the Weather Can Change Too Fast!

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even on light-drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.


FishingFishing in the rain can lead to high payoffs. On days where the clouds are giving light drizzle or moderate rain, the fish tend to be out and about, or at least that is the appearance. Less boating activity means more fish to catch but be careful if you choose to go boating when it is raining. Safety should always come first and use the precautions listed above to keep watch of growing storms. Always be close enough to shore that you can quickly make your way to safety. Wear a lifejacket on rainy days when fishing and wear adhesive shoes on the boat to make sure you don’t slip as you make your way around it. Otherwise, enjoy the catches as you fish on a rainy day.

Visit the Coast Guard information site for more safety tips.

Boat Storage in Anna, Texas

After you’ve had your fun in the waters, it’s time to safely park your boat! Pro RV and Boat Storage is conveniently located in Anna, Texas. Call 214-995-3078 or visit their boat and rv storage website.

7 Helpful Steps to Protect your RV against Unwanted Rodents!

Need tips on how to protect your RV and Boat against unwanted Rodents? Here are 7 helpful steps!

With Spring in full swing and spring fever in the air, humans aren’t the only ones frolicking out in the fields spending more time outdoors. Four-legged creatures are also coming out and roaming around adventurously, finding new places for nesting as mating season commences. This could mean that your RV or Boat becomes a nesting ground for rodents. Before rodents claim your stored vehicle, follow these 7 helpful tips below!

Food Crumbs1. Remove all your food from your RV!

A basic step, but also the most important in ensuring your RV is safe from rodents. Rodents love food so if you leave it for them to seek out, they will find it and make your RV home. Remove all food from the RV and wipe the cabinets down so there aren’t small particles of food left lying around.  Even if you think certain foods are okay in prolonged storage, such as canned foods, the smell can still attract rodents. .

2. Spray Ammonia in your Engine

ammonia_cleaning_productsSpraying glass cleaners like Windex in your engine helps keep rodents from making a nest in your engine compartment or chewing on the wires. Ammonia has a strong scent that wards off unwanted critters and if your engine reeks of it, they will stay away! Preserve your engine and save it from irreparable damage by keeping away rodents which chew on wires, leave unwanted droplets, or even die within the engine.

3. Use Dryer Sheets to keep rodents away (i.e. Bounce)

Put dryer sheets throughout your engine compartment and all throughout the RV and this will ward off those pesky rodents because they hate the smell. Similar to ammonia, rodents dislike strong smells. Keeping these pesky creatures out prevents them from causing damage to your engine. Some prefer the dryer sheets over the Windex as it offers an easier clean-up of simply pulling out the dryer sheets from the RV engine before riding it out of its spring storage home.

4. Seal all Gaping Holes in the RV with Spray Foam Insulation

Your Recreational Vehicle has small crevices and access points for plumbing that mice and other small animals can squeeze into and gain access. To protect the RV, close those gaps by sealing them with spray foam insulation. These gaps are typically found where the plumbing is located or behind cabinets. Be sure to check for any other openings to secure your automobile from these tiny invaders.

5. Get some Mothballs

Rodents hate mothballs! Place some in bowls and spread them around the RV.  Mothballs should be placed in areas that are susceptible to pests clawing: cupboards, top of those upholstered seats, on the bed, couches, and in the bathroom. The key targets to keep in mind while surveying your vehicle is to safeguard any place an animal will want to make their soft and comfy nests out of.

6. It’s a trap!

mouse-traps_storageDon’t let mice take over your camper! Use mice traps to ensure there are no unwanted guests roaming around. As an extra precaution, place some traps on the ground near the engine! Whether using the traditional traps or no-kill humane contraptions to secure your RV, it is extremely important to stop by your storage spot to check on the captures. You certainly don’t want to be welcomed by that pungent smell that will linger for many days!

7. Keep Storage clean with Irish Spring Soap

Rodents hate the smell of this soap! Something about the chemically-induced Spring-fresh scent deters these pesky critters from unexpectedly visiting your storage space. Plus it helps you get in the mood for Spring! Buy a bulk of these at your local discount stores to set them around the RV and the Engine. The strong scents will be more welcoming for you while warding off uninvited animals.

Spring time means spring cleaning and storing your RV or Boat into storage spaces will help in organization and feeling refreshed! If looking to keep your vehicles covered this spring, our professionally managed storage facility is an ideal place. Pro RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located in Anna, Texas. Call 214-995-3078 or visit our facility website.


Last Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas For RV, Boat & Motorcycle Owners


With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, it’s time to stop thinking and start buying that perfect gift for the outdoor adventure lover in your life. Whether a boat sailor, motorcycle explorer, recreational vehicle vacationer or Jet Ski enthusiast, here are some thoughtful gift ideas to match their thrill.

For the Harley Davidson fan, how about touring luggage systems to store essentials as your significant other cruises the road? From jewelry accessories to  music player pouches, your options are endless no matter what the budget for your motorcyclist.

For a more practical, but one surely to be enjoyed for days to come, consider an induction cooktop for their RV Camper! Cooking meals while on your camping adventures can be a fun experience as you come up with easy recipes together.

Just looking for simple yet practical gifts that matter? Care gear, handy tools or basic add-on tools for boat escapes for a day or weekend getaway are a perfect way to remind them how well you know them. Click here for ideas from

Make it personal! A comfy T-shirt or a sun-blocking baseball cap customized to express their motto or conveying an in-side joke. Head on over to CafePress and check out their oh-so-many options that meets any outdoor adventurers thrill!

Show some love to your favorite recreational vehicle by keeping it safe. Pro RV and Boat Storage is located in Anna, Texas. Call 214-995-3078 or Reserve your parking space today!

Boat and RV Storage Tips for Texas Winters

Winter has arrived and you’re now faced with the task of storing your RV or Boat into storage. Here are some important tips to help you.

It’s always important to find a dry location to store the vehicle, or at least a location that does not experience high amounts of moisture. Among other things, moisture can lead to fungal problems that wear and tear on the vehicle.  A simple tip is to always cover the Boat or RV vehicle with a tarp or protective covers to prevent from weather damage to the exterior and interior. Additionally, tire covers helps to prevent dry rot and cracks which commonly occur when a vehicle sits unused for a longer period of time.

A highly recommended step is to change the oil before storage. Oil is good for an entire year while sitting in the engine but risks destabilization after that as the nature of the oil begins to disintegrate and this can potentially cause problems for the engine. Therefore, if planning on storing your vehicle in a storage facility for a year or longer, it is good to fog the engine. Fogging is done by spraying Fogging Oil (found in most hardware stores) into spark plug holes while turning the engine to ensure the oil coat is evenly spread across engine surfaces. This helps prevent rust, corrosion, and the engine seizing up in storage.

Another consideration when storing your Boat or RV vehicle for a long period of time is to put fuel stabilizer in the gas tank a day or two before the vehicle is stored. By doing this, the stabilizer can flow through the entire fuel system helping preserve gasoline. Products such as Seafoam and Sta-Bil will do the trick! It is also very important to fill the entire gasoline tank before storage in order to preserve the tank. Condensation of water vapor on any exposed tank walls could lead to oxidation and damage. All fluids, especially anti-freeze, should also be topped up when placing a vehicle in storage.

Finally, before deciding to remove the battery prior to placing your Boat or RV vehicles in storage, it is a good idea to check with the dealership or expert who is well-aware of the make and design of your vehicle. Some cars, for example, may require the battery be connected at all times due to computer memory and modules. For other vehicles, however, simply removing the battery and keeping it on a maintainer at home better preserves the battery’s integrity.

When looking for Boat or RV storage in Anna, Texas, Pro RV and Boat Storage is the perfect location! For more information, call Pro RV and Boat Storage today at 241-995-3078!