Rubber Rest: 9 Tips To Protect Tires During Storage

Most of us probably don’t spend much time thinking about how to protect tires when we are storing our vehicles – whether it’s a truck, car, SUV or a RV. If could be an afterthought, and not something to think about. However, if you’re going on that summer vacation or taking off for a long period of time, making sure your vehicle’s tires are in tip-top shape when you return requires a time investment.

Here are a few tips and reminders that you can follow in order to protect your tires, especially during the summer season – when exposure to heat may damage them. By following these tips, you will be able to extend the life of your tires and save yourself from a headache and unnecessary spending.

stack of tires in two blue bins

1. Check the condition of each tire before storage

This is the first and the foremost thing that you need to consider while storing the tires. Check the condition of the rubber and look at whether there are any cracks. This will help you to compare the state of the tire later when you re-use them. Inspect the depth of the tire before storing them; you need to replace the tire with a new one if it’s nearly worn out.

Apart from this, check the pressure of the tire and adjust it to the suggested PSI. Make a checklist before observing the above things and check it off against each one of them as it’s very important to consider these prior to storing.

2. Clean and dry the tires thoroughly

The best idea before storing your tires is to clean them thoroughly with a suggested solution. In case any dirt is remaining on the surface of the wheel, it may lead to corrosion. By the time you will notice, it would probably be too late. Once you have cleaned the tire, it a good idea to dry it. The consequence of not cleaning the tire will be that the moisture will affect the quality of the tire or wheel.

Some people also suggest removing the center cap of the wheel or tire because while storing, the center cap can pull or twist the shape of the sidewalls and tread which may cause damage to it. Once you have accomplished these tasks, your tires are ready to be stored.

  • DIY for making homemade solution. An individual might not have solutions to clean their tires. No, you can make one from the things that are already available. Simply mix one part of vinegar with water, stir it well and the solution is ready.
stacks of tires indoors

3. Store indoors

Storing tires indoors is the most important aspect you need to keep in mind. This is done so as to protect the tires or wheels from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. It’s suggested to store them somewhere underground like your basement or even in a garage or workshop. Even if you don’t have enough space to store your tires, you can always look up a local self-storage facility to safely store them indoors.

4. Store tires horizontally and vertically

If you are planning to store your tires with the wheels mounted then you are lucky because doing it that way would provide you with ample storing ways as compared to just storing them bare. Consider the ways listed below to store your tires

Stack them one on the top of other tires but ensure that you do not stack them too high because if they drop, or while bringing them down, they might get damaged. Another reason for not stacking them too high is for safety purposes because the higher the stack, the more unstable it will become.

If you are storing your tire without wheels mounted on them, then you should wrap them properly in garbage or plastic bags and keep them standing with the tread facing downwards. This is the only safest way to store your tires if you are looking further to store them without wheels mounted on them.

tires propped up against a boat with sunset in the background

5. Store away from sunlight

Your tires are sensitive to harsh temperatures, whether extreme heat or cold. The UV rays will either make the oil present in the rubber evaporate or will more or less cook your tire. The ultimate way to keep the tires from dry rotting is to restrain sun exposure whenever possible.

6. Store each tire in an airtight plastic bag

The best way to slow down the aging process of the tires is to store them in tire tote bags or garbage bags. These covering can be obtained at most auto parts or general stores. They will make the storing process neater and it will be easier for you to carry them from one place to another.

tires stored against an exposed brick wall

7. Keep tires in a cool and dry place

As mentioned above, there is a recommended specific temperature in which the tires are to be stored. Too much heat will make the oil present in the rubber evaporate and freezing temperatures might make the tires brittle and will no longer act as a rubber. Both these circumstances are not suitable for your tires so in order to protect them, ensure that you are storing them above zero degrees or at room temperature.

8. Keep the tires away from motorized devices

Do not forget to keep them away from any electrical motors that emit carbon monoxide as they are the sources of ozone. Keep them away from sung pumps, furnaces, etc.

9. Avoid storing your vehicles with the weight of the tires

Another tip is that you should not store your vehicle with the weight of the car on the tires for an extended period of time. if you are doing this, then you may notice when you attempt to drive the car again that you have a flat spot on each tire. Since the tire’s surface is made of rubber, which is a malleable, it can change its shape from perfectly round to damaged, with dry rot and flat spot.

Damaged tires mean you would have to spend a lot of money in order to replace them – not to mention that the efforts that you would have been making to store the tires safely will go waste. The long term inactivity is considered to be more harmful to the tires as compared to driving the car occasionally and allowing the tire to be in use. In case you are leaving your car on the ground with the tires on and without jack stands, then make sure you over-inflate the tires. The recommended PSI is usually etched inside the driver’s side door frame and in car manuals.

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Pro RV & Boat Storage | 2298 FM 455 Anna, Texas 75409 United States

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7 Helpful Steps to Protect your RV against Unwanted Rodents!

Need tips on how to protect your RV and Boat against unwanted Rodents? Here are 7 helpful steps!

With Spring in full swing and spring fever in the air, humans aren’t the only ones frolicking out in the fields spending more time outdoors. Four-legged creatures are also coming out and roaming around adventurously, finding new places for nesting as mating season commences. This could mean that your RV or Boat becomes a nesting ground for rodents. Before rodents claim your stored vehicle, follow these 7 helpful tips below!

Food Crumbs1. Remove all your food from your RV!

A basic step, but also the most important in ensuring your RV is safe from rodents. Rodents love food so if you leave it for them to seek out, they will find it and make your RV home. Remove all food from the RV and wipe the cabinets down so there aren’t small particles of food left lying around.  Even if you think certain foods are okay in prolonged storage, such as canned foods, the smell can still attract rodents. .

2. Spray Ammonia in your Engine

ammonia_cleaning_productsSpraying glass cleaners like Windex in your engine helps keep rodents from making a nest in your engine compartment or chewing on the wires. Ammonia has a strong scent that wards off unwanted critters and if your engine reeks of it, they will stay away! Preserve your engine and save it from irreparable damage by keeping away rodents which chew on wires, leave unwanted droplets, or even die within the engine.

3. Use Dryer Sheets to keep rodents away (i.e. Bounce)

Put dryer sheets throughout your engine compartment and all throughout the RV and this will ward off those pesky rodents because they hate the smell. Similar to ammonia, rodents dislike strong smells. Keeping these pesky creatures out prevents them from causing damage to your engine. Some prefer the dryer sheets over the Windex as it offers an easier clean-up of simply pulling out the dryer sheets from the RV engine before riding it out of its spring storage home.

4. Seal all Gaping Holes in the RV with Spray Foam Insulation

Your Recreational Vehicle has small crevices and access points for plumbing that mice and other small animals can squeeze into and gain access. To protect the RV, close those gaps by sealing them with spray foam insulation. These gaps are typically found where the plumbing is located or behind cabinets. Be sure to check for any other openings to secure your automobile from these tiny invaders.

5. Get some Mothballs

Rodents hate mothballs! Place some in bowls and spread them around the RV.  Mothballs should be placed in areas that are susceptible to pests clawing: cupboards, top of those upholstered seats, on the bed, couches, and in the bathroom. The key targets to keep in mind while surveying your vehicle is to safeguard any place an animal will want to make their soft and comfy nests out of.

6. It’s a trap!

mouse-traps_storageDon’t let mice take over your camper! Use mice traps to ensure there are no unwanted guests roaming around. As an extra precaution, place some traps on the ground near the engine! Whether using the traditional traps or no-kill humane contraptions to secure your RV, it is extremely important to stop by your storage spot to check on the captures. You certainly don’t want to be welcomed by that pungent smell that will linger for many days!

7. Keep Storage clean with Irish Spring Soap

Rodents hate the smell of this soap! Something about the chemically-induced Spring-fresh scent deters these pesky critters from unexpectedly visiting your storage space. Plus it helps you get in the mood for Spring! Buy a bulk of these at your local discount stores to set them around the RV and the Engine. The strong scents will be more welcoming for you while warding off uninvited animals.

Spring time means spring cleaning and storing your RV or Boat into storage spaces will help in organization and feeling refreshed! If looking to keep your vehicles covered this spring, our professionally managed storage facility is an ideal place. Pro RV & Boat Storage is conveniently located in Anna, Texas. Call 214-995-3078 or visit our facility website.